Melee Halloween events!

Hello Meleeworld!  It is that time again, the air is turning cool and the leaves are falling.  Yes Autumn is here.  

Halloween is right around the corner.  So, we are going to reintroduce an old tradition - the Melee Jack-o-Lantern contest!   

From now until October 30th you can post a picture of your Meleeworld themed Jack-o-Lantern carving on the Melee facebook page.   Keep checking back for updates and cast your vote by liking your favorite pumpkin!  Winner will receive a nice prize.

Also be sure to come out to our practice on October 19th at Maarek's Landing to take part in the Punkin Chunkin contest.  Bring a pumpkin or two and let's see who can toss it the furthest!  Winner take all!

Posted on October 2, 2014 .