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Ramon's Travels: The Cave Dwellers of the Malone Mountains

In the mountains of the land that House Valeeria calls home there exists an enter connecting series of caves. Once one travels some 300 feet away from the opening where the daylight doesn't reach two things become obvious. First the cave is considerably warmer, it averages about 65 degrees which is balmy compared to the harsh weather outside.  People in Tor consider 20 degrees fair spring weather mind you. 

Second there is light coming from inside the cave. The light is caused by bioluminescent fungus that grows throughout the cave. The cave itself is warm and dry, but travelers should beware, for on these caves lives a strange tribe of people that was first discovered by Dagorian. From his reports they are shorter than average humans, no taller than four feet, rail thin and bony, and white as snow. He observed a group of them eating raw a hapless explorer, then he was suddenly attacked from behind. 

Knocked to the ground he looked up his attacker, covered in ritualistic scarring with teeth filed led down into sharp points. Dagorian stabbed the thing through the eye with a dagger and rolled it off of him only to look up and see the group descending on him. Making a retreat to the outside Dagorian was shocked to find the tribe would not venture near the mouth of the cave. 

Posted on February 13, 2017 .