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From the Principalities: Welcome to 34 ACI

Recent events in the Kingdom have certainly run the gamut of impact on our land.  From east to west, turmoil has led to changes in the leadership and lifestyles of the citizens around.  Here are some of the highlights.


  • The acquisition of Victusburg by Duke Alonso Coronado proved to be a surprisingly beneficial change of events for the city.  While Coronado never intended to become Duke, he has vowed not to let this opportunity to prove himself become his folly.  To this end Coronado has negotiated lucrative shipping deals with Deweyton, Lestershire and several other towns along the canal and Ruby Sea.   He has even offered the Granite Spire a piece of the action at Calloway in exchange for lighter tariffs throughout the region.  
  • Cormick has taken in many refugees from the White Star Empire.  The White Star sailors came north from the deep southern oceans, probably near Assisi Bay, as part of the invasion force known as the Reclamation of Nurnberg.  Some 10,000 members of this faction (albeit less than half of these members are actually living - the White Star Empire is composed of many living dead) were cast aside at Doolin's Plain by the Reclamation for reasons unknown.  A great many White Stars joined the Griffon's Gambit, but those who were undead or Shade Realm dealers were forced to seek asylum at Cormick.


  • The County of Westershire suffered fire and riots recently as the peasantry organized and laid waste to a sizable portion of the noble district.  While it is as yet unknown what rilled the commoners up, and no leader has as yet made his presence known, the damage was quite severe.  The riots have seemingly stopped and several noble houses have pledged to help rebuild.   The House of Elsinore, Westershire Assembly, and the House of Talbot in the city have opened their opulent manses to noble benefactors in the form of grand balls who will raise money to repair the damages to the public areas in the city.  
  • The City of Clarksville has vied for the attention of the Society of St Paul.  The Vicar is overworked and understaffed, any righteous and pious individuals who seek to serve the lord in this needed capacity are welcome to make the pilgrimage.


  • The Council of Dukes in Fadlan have effectively established law that all citizens not of noble bearing, that being Lord of greater status, may not carry any weapons greater than hunting bows and knives.  This prohibition does not carry to members of the Assassin's Gambit, Arbiter or Paladins who are working in the area to ensure the safety of the populace.


  • The Nurnberg Civil War came to a close after a armistice and parley between leaders from the Eagle, Falcon and Praelia.  The full transcript of the agreement have not been disclosed at this moment, but a few points are made available that will change the face of Tor from here on out.  
  1. Falkenburg peninsula is annexed into the Kingdom of Praelia into the principality of Tor.
  2. The 'Reclamation' or 'Eagle' is again a recognized membership of The House and Order of Nurnberg.
  3. The House and Order of Nurnberg is no longer considered "Enemy of the Crown" having entered into treaty with the Kingdom.  
  4. Nurnberg is now under probationary membership with the Kingdom of Praelia until 40 ACI.  
    1. As such no member of Nurnberg may rise above the rank of Duke.
    2. Nurnberg members may not own land outside of the Falkenburg peninsula during this probation.
    3. Nurnberg members are prohibited from joining the Ordo Arbiter nor may they join any knighthood orders aside from the established Nurnberg Orders, now recognized by the Kingdom. 
  5. Nurnberg will pay restitution costs to rebuild those areas destroyed by the invasion and war, including the monuments at Doolin's Plain.
  • Lord Valguard Gunnarson has declared his intent to ascend to the crown as Duke of Maarek's Landing and all the Hinterlands.  Immediately upon hearing of his intent, Eurich 'the Eunuch' declared himself number one in contention.  The campaign begins soon to determine the first Duke of Maarek's Landing.


  • Duke Draco Drachen has secured fealty from all counties east of the Prahova river and north to the Sear Sea.  In a surprising upset, Kragan of Norfolkshire fought Drachen in single armed combat for an hour, finally being defeated by Duke of Breitenburg yet not killed.  Having been bested in what he declared a great fight unlike he has bore in generations, Kragan pledged his support to the Horde of Drachen.  Once Norfolkshire joined, Fallsburn quickly followed suit.  Now it appears that Drachen may in fact make good on his promise to take Princedom of Analova and be one step closer to King.

That is all for this week, keep checking back for more news from across the principalities.  



Posted on January 8, 2017 .