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From the Principalities: One night in Verdant Hills

A trio of adventurers had been summoned to the Verdant Hills, by an unknown yet generous benefactor to search for a book. This book was told to these adventurers to be a manual on burying the dead. These adventurers, a English judge, a Russian marksman, and a ninja, were told of a group of bandits to the north that had stolen this manual and that there would be much reward for its safe return. After the adventurers were given their orders, they went forth into the forest to defeat this threat. 

They arrived at a camp that was deep in the woods, shrouded by thick shrubbery and vibrant foliage. This camp was populated by a band of brigands who fancied themselves after the merry men of Robin of the Hood. As these warriors arrived near the camp, the Russian, whose name was Jesse, convinced the ninja, whose name was Shogai, to spy on the camp and possibly retrieve any item that was within. As Shogai skulked through the camp, Jesse and the Judge dealt with several guards who had been patrolling the outer edges of the camp. Both of these warriors fought valiantly as the ninja did his dark yet noble work. The ninja made short work of finding the manual as his fellow warriors made short work of the brigands outside. When they finished them off, the ninja joined them once again. 

Quickly the party made their way back to Verdant Hills, where their employer had been awaiting their return. They arrived at a stately manor in which a steward greets them at the door and leads them to a baron by the name of Lowleaves. He inspects the book that he had received from them. At first glance, the codex appears to be a manual on burying the dead, until the noble further inspects it and finds that it was, in truth a domesday book. The baron was very pleased that these adventurers succeeded in retrieving the book. 

As Lowleaves began to delve out the promised reward, Jesse was not pleased. He thought it was a reward of 300 letcher for each member of the party, and when he found out that it wasn't, tempers began to heat up. Jesse immediately fired his musket at the Judge, missing his shot. The Judge marched toward his formerly trusted comrade, billhook in hand. The ninja, quickly descended upon the Russian, armed with a katana that glinted in the dark hall. He quickly struck at Jesse with several, well-placed attacks. The Judge, however, had enough of the rigmarole that was occurring in front of their employer. His countenance became stern as he approached the Russian, and with one swing, the blade of his billhook landed square and true into the skull of his former comrade, dropping him to the floor. With the death of Jesse, both Shogai and the Judge split their earnings between the two of them, graciously thanking their employer as well as apologizing for the mess they had made.

Posted on February 12, 2017 .