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From the Principalities: The log of C

From the log of C

The siege weapon is now installed on the Good Fortune, the munitions are safely on board, and the mount for the swivel canon has been constructed. Now just to wait for Ox to return with the damn thing. The engineer's were willing to teach me a thing or two about engineering and firing weapons such as these. The knowledge should come in handy later on when we go up against Nuremberg. I heard a loud bang while finishing up work on the ship, went to the gate and found that the adventuring party had returned and the constable was dead. We got some details and were presented with a lucrative bounty.

We ended up tracking these robed fanatics, whom were responsible for the constable's death to a few hours south west of town, they were lead by a brut named Abbott Roland. He was a big, crazy, strong, and tough son of bitch, bit Quare's pinky clean off. If he had half as much dedication to the black as he did to his faith he would make an excellent crew mate. Luckily he had no armor or we may not have returned at all.  We killed 4 in total, two of them by my hand.  We searched for the mutineers of the town guard to no avail and then returned and collected the standing bounty. Now with this Letcher, I must met with the Engineers and Lumber yard to discuss possibly adding haul reinforcements, a ram, and/or maybe some improvements to the sails. The ship could also use some redecorating, perhaps I'll paint the trim a nice shade of blue. 


Posted on February 5, 2017 .