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Ramon's Travels: The Principality of Krymm

        Krymm is the southeastern corner of the Kingdom of Praelia.  Geographically located south of the Mesker Mountains, north of the Balboan Ocean and from the Eastern edge of the Kaylinn Swamps all the way to the coast, Krymm is roughly equivalent to the size of Azara.   The principality is terribly rough as the land is rocky with little good soil for farming.  The mountains north and south often lead to flooding of Lake Overturf and the best farming lands to the east.   Storms from the violent Balboan Ocean ravage the landscape for many months out of the year, often destroying crops and buildings on the coastal areas with heavy winds and rains.  

        Long viewed as simply too inhospitable to seriously colonize, the region was ignored for cycles.  All of that changed when Clarksville became a colony of the Kingdom in 24 ACI.  Soon an increase in travel and trade gathered the attention of some cunning nobles who had long grown tired of suffering in the region.  These nobles witnessed Azara’s annexation and did not want to be left out.  So they worked tirelessly to think of ways to attract attention from Nicholshire in hopes of annexation.  It just so happened that Lord Elets had a similar thought in mind.  Maarek’s aspiration to unite the whole of the known world under the Praelian flag would be just what Krymm needed to infuse their economy.

        Both sides were desperate to gain the other’s alliance, but also not wanting to appear too eager and suffer a poor deal.  So, in what became known as the Sorrel Accords, Maarek and the five most prominent regional lords met to discuss terms.  

        Krymm offered all of their land and allegiances to Praelia, including direct access to the Engineer’s Lodge’s new airships, and Maarek pledged Merchant’s Guild trade discounts with Krymm at a 30% discount.  Neither side had the direct authority to broker on behalf of these guilds, but the deal was made and Krymm joined.

    Krymm also secretly secured the support of Analova in the event of any military action between Fadlan and Krymm in the accords.  This alone ultimately forces Analova to play out as mediator between the two principalities.  Were a war to break out, both Fadlan and Krymm could call upon Analova to support them and find out that Maarek pledged support to both sides.  This could potentially break up the entire eastern half of the Kingdom of Praelia.

Posted on January 9, 2017 .