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Lore Du Jour: The Chalice of Thought Death Blossom

On the field, and off the field, there is a term that has become associated heavily with the Chalice of Thought.  This is the maneuver known as the Death Blossom.  The origins of the term and the maneuver are not unique to the Chalice, however many have drawn a connotation between the faction and the maneuver.  

For those not familiar with the term, the Death Blossom is a maneuver wherein a fighter who was seemingly wounded in the legs so far as to be relegated to hobbling about on their knees or crawling with otherwise useless legs, would suddenly leap forward at their enemy, with a flurry of attacks hoping to take the enemy down with them.  This sudden burst of life in the apparently lifeless legs is often seen as a deceptive tactic, however this is not always the case.  

As it turns out, many times the legs of the death blossoming warrior are in fact useless.  Perhaps they have been broken or wounded to incapacity previously in a battle or accident.  Dr. Felix Deveraux did a research study on the corpses of several Chalice members, discovering a toxin within their humors that led to temporary paralysis of the limbs.   This paralyzing agent, he later found out, was actually ingested purposefully by the Chalice members as part of their rituals.  

So it appears that the famous Chalice brew is a capricious drink indeed.  This paralysis of the legs actually explains much about the strange Chalice fighting style observed wherein the fighters crawl across the ground with wounded legs almost faster than a man on foot.    

Posted on February 24, 2017 .