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Duke Drachen to attack Nocturne!

Castle Nocturne, known as Cormick of the East, this city in the swamps is home to just over 100 people from the Shade Realm and Alluvium who have been found a way to live together despite their differences.


Things may change, however, as the Dukes of Analova have spoken. In a rare meeting at Council Hills, the Dukes of 12 counties in Analova gathered together to oust Drachen from prince-hood following the evidence gathered by Sigismund of House Mendoza.

The news of this betrayal caused Drachen to immediately take a portion of his guard south to the Kaylinn Swamps, declaring his intent to get revenge by destroying Nocturne and the whole House Mendoza with it.

Will the little city in the swamp stand up to the might of Duke Drachen or shall they fall like a house of cards?  Time will tell.


Posted on August 30, 2017 .

Ramon's Travels: Analova

     Analova is the oldest principality. Located in the center of the continent, By far the calmest climate of the whole Kingdom, Analova is home to rolling plains, forests and great rivers. Envied by the other principalities for their vast natural resources, the Analovans are often more accustomed to having ease of living. Roads are well kept and often paved with stone. Even in the smaller towns, the infrastructure is so organized that supplies from other counties are not difficult to acquire. The large rivers that trisect Analova afford trade opportunities unrivaled in the Kingdom. Additionally, since the capital of the Kingdom is located here, Analova is often favored politically over the newer principalities.

     For a great many cycles, Analova was the majority of the Kingdom. As such, many of the cities and towns within the region still see the other principalities as Outlanders to and less loyal. Not all Analovans feel this way, but many do speak out that they are more Praelian than Analovan. There is certainly an ingrained loyalty to the Kingdom in Analova that the other principalities do not always share. The prosperity of Analova is well known by the populace, as such an arrogant air often is resented by others, but the Analovans nobles are also very charitable and exchange favor for commodity to the other principalities.

Posted on January 2, 2017 .