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Lore du Jour: The Congregation of Altarius

The Congregation of Altarius

History shows the first to the land to be a man known as Altarius.  Stories vary as to what he did and how he lived, but he is widely regarded as a the founder of the civilization and the first king of Praelia.  Today we will discuss the Congregation of Altatius, also known as the Analtarians

It is said that his closest advisors were known as the Nolans.  Their fate is lost to time as much as Altarius is.  Aside from a historical figure and the basis for many laws, the majority of the kingdom does not think of Altarius until it is a celebration.  He is not unwelcome by the church, they even accept his name on so many events and the Gatherings. The church does, however, seek to curb the level of attention Altarius gets.  As they are fond of reminding people, he was a man not God. 

There is another group that does not feel the same way. The Congregation of Altarius follows the simple teachings that have been passed down for generations.  The Analtarians practice what they view as the true path that Altarius established all those cycles ago.  They eschew faith in other gods and dictums as clearly false due to the nature of Alluvium.   It is only through adherence to the laws and traditions laid out by the first to the land that one may be accepted when Altarius returns.

The Analtarian day begins with combat training.  Women and children tend to the fields and livestock for the first four hours of the day, whilst all men over the age of 13 run drills and mock combat in melee's with the four classical weapon styles.  Then at breakfast it is the men's turn to tend to the fields whilst the women and children practice basic polearm fighting.  At noon, the family gathers together for lunch and sparring practice.  Then the rest of the day is devoted to the family and any work undone.   To the Analtarian, combat is just as important as putting food upon the table.  

Analtarians never make any use of technology.  No firearms, no bows and no machines to help with the work.  All work must be done with hand tools as they may also be used as weapons if needed.  To the Analtarian, combat is always imminent.  Altarius proclaimed that all would be combat ready to please the Arbitrators, so shall it be to the Analtarians.

Analtarian settlements are scattered throughout the kingdom.  Although they are officially considered heretical by the Church, there is no active effort to do anything to get rid of them.  The Church calls them the Cult of Altarius and will often speak ill of the group, but any action against the Analtarians is isolated at best.  This is likely due to the behavior of the Analtarian and their belief system. 

Posted on January 13, 2017 .