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Lore Du Jour: The Astral world

The next realm we are discussing is known as the Astral world, or the Aether.  This is the land spoken of by the mystics of the traveling circus who would tell you that the animals and plants have spirits they talk to.  They speak of this as existing "above Alluvium but not in the sky.  

The Aether is not regarded as real by the Church.  Unlike the Netherworld, which the evil necromancers have shown to some degree to exist, the Astral world seems to be a catch all for any mystical effect that the person describing it wants you to believe in.  From mind reading to predictions, they all claim the Astral World as part and parcel to their ability.  

Again, this is entirely subject to the "practitioner" of the Astral World magic, there is no evidence such a place ever has or does exist.

Posted on March 24, 2017 .