From the Bardic Academy

            Good day students, welcome to the academy.  I am your instructor, conductor and preceptor.  Gather round the table and listen to my tale, make merry whilst you can for this is the last of the ale.   For you anyway that is to say.  For now that is to be.   The studies you will undergo here are of the greatest importance.  You are the ones who have the most gravitas duties in the entire land.  For it is the jesters, the musicians, the poets, playwrights, actors and orators who bear that burden, to tell the story of us all.  Yes there are chroniclers and librarians, those who would call themselves historians.  You may even be among their membership as well.  But where the Guild of Chroniclers may record facts, know lists and histories within their tomes, we record the story of the land.  It is for us to note the why, not simply the who, where and what of the events.   This very same dichotomy traces up to our government wherein we have a Chancellor of Registries that is of the Chronicler’s Guild and our own Chancellor of Histories that is out of our own Bardic Academy.   Two similar fields, but vastly different in the end result.

Posted on October 12, 2019 .