Happy New Cycle

Welcome to the New Cycle.  

As we venture forward into 36 ACI discoveries abound in the Kingdom.  With the horror of Drachen well behind us, peace seems to have taken hold over the Kingdom as a whole.  Individual counties of course are still plagued by the usual faction warfare, guild maneuvering and noble household machinations. 

The Brotherhood of Balor continues to expand their growth, claiming territories in southern Analova previously held by Justice. Speaking of, Justice has seemingly abandoned many of their outposts in Krymm, choosing to consolidate their power into larger outposts in each principality. 

The Nemeans continue to appear lethargic as they lose territories in Analova and Azara to encroaching Griffons Gambit and Triad forces.  The Granite Spire has conversely expanded territory into Tor and Fadlan. 

Clan Chattan recently went back to war with Nurnberg at Fallsburn.  While the Scots defended the city, the Falcon showed that it was not going to sit idly by in Falkenburg.  Rumors of the loss of major leadership and the return of an older regime invite danger from the Reich. 

House Valeeria and the Chalice of Thought recently turned to arms over a series of islands in the northern Altarian Ocean.  

Times change, but are never boring in the Kingdom of Praelia. 

Posted on January 2, 2019 .