From Factionbook: Chalice of Thought - Nordurheim

In response to the great injustice that was Maarek’s annexation of the four outland principalities into the Kingdom, Kragan declared war on the Kingdom of Praelia in 26 ACI.  The war was not the wisest move, one must admit, but to the viking mentality there is always a reason to fight and die.  Maarek sent the Order of the Talbot, and a contingent of Analovan militia to change Kragan’s mind.  There was going to be a huge battle, but Kragan’s ally - a Chalice of Thought shaman - told him of the future.  He said that a greater victory would be held by tongues rather than fists.  So, in an amazingly out-of-character move for the viking leader, he agreed to parlay at Skoal Pass.  Here a retinue of the vikings and knights met to discuss terms of war.  

Three days of discussions, honor duels and drinking took place.  Now I wasn’t there but from what I hear the Knights of the Talbot Grand Marshall was quite able to drink horn for horn with the Conqueror.  So, in the end there was no bloodshed.  A treaty was forged between the Marshall and the Viking.  All of the land, from Kragan’s Coast in the north, down the mouth of the Prahova, across the fields to the western border of Drakwald and the Canady Mountains would become Nordurheim.   Land owned Kragan, governed as part of the Kingdom but laws made by Kragan’s way - so long as none patently violated Altarian Law.  Thus, the kingdom within a kingdom of Nordurheim was created.

Posted on July 11, 2017 .