Ramon's travels: Westershire

The capital of Krymm and the most oddly named city in Praelia is Westershire.  Named by and explorer who was so far from his mark that he thought he was on the west coast, this bustling city sits on the south banks of Lake Overturf.   A marvel to the land, the city is an engineering wonder.  

When Nevermore was destroyed, the Engineers moved far south and set up their new home in Westershire.  Home of the Helwig University of Mechanics, Westershire has many advancements that seem like sorcery to others.   From flowing water in houses to the steam rail system that moves high above the city, engineers from all across the kingdom come here to witness the newest and most amazing things.  

One of the most interesting aspects of the city is the Carbone Tower that allows the two airships of the Engineering Lodge to dock and fly between Nicholshire and Westershire.  These facilitate speedy travel, though scary.

Posted on March 27, 2017 .