Lore Du Jour: The Nether Realm

This week we discuss the Nether Realm.  A dark and horrifying place, many refer to this as the land of the dead.  The Nether is a place where the soul is said to travel after death before Return. Although the church does not officially recognize this land, many of other faiths, including the Altarians, revere it as a holy world.  

Those who claim to have seen this realm describe it as a decaying version of Alluvium.  Whereas the Shade Realm can appear with similar or vastly different geography, the Nether Realm is the ghostly reflection of the living land of Alluvium.  The same buildings exist, but they are older and decrepit in appearance.   The sky is dark and lit by moonlight all of the time and the spirits of the dead wander in wait to Return.  

Necromancers are said to be able to tap into this land and use its powers to bring about their dark undead magic.  Needless to say this land is prohibited by the Law from visiting purposefully under pain of heresy.   

Posted on March 17, 2017 .