Bardic Chestnuts: Jack Smythe

When asked about the man called Jack Smythe, his personal bard came forward and presented this tale.  

“Jackson Orlando Wolfgang Lexington Smythe was the son of a British queen and a Romanian king. The two had wed when they were young to complete a peace treaty between the lands. Jack grew up spoiled. He was pampered and took care of. His mother did not want him to learn to fight, but his father thought that if his son is to be a king someday that he should know some fighting. So Jack's father had snuck Jack to sword fighting lessons. He became handy with a sword, but not that great. Jack was getting bored just sitting around waiting to be a king. So one day at the age of 17 he left his castle and took out with a bunch of pirates that had docked near his home. The band of pirates called themselves Triad. They were under the command of Captain Coronado. 

Jack grew loyal to the faction and most of all Captain Coronado. He did his best to help build the band. One thing that Jack liked about the captain was that he was an aristocrat one time as well. He thought it odd a gentleman pirate, but oh well. Jack stood behind his captain for a long time. It was one day that Coronado announced that he would be sailing for other shores alone. So there was this whole debate about who was going to be leader. Jack didn't want it because he was new at the whole being at sea thing and didn't know how to run a ship. 

One day when Captain Coronado was away, One-Eye announced that he was starting his own fleet. Jack being loyal to Coronado thought this to be treacherous. He didn't like the idea so he ventured off on his own for a bit. He came back with an idea that he start his own armada of seamen, yet remain loyal to the main army of One-Eye. Two fleets acting on their own but acting as one. One-Eye didn't even give Jack the time of day. So he went and begin recruiting for his own fleet. These members however were poached from the faction Triad. 

At this point, Jack was still loyal to Coronado, but the wily Spaniard, furious at Jack for his treachery, forced him and his group to walk the plank to be fed to the twenty hungry mako sharks that were waiting below. The band was tossed into the sea and to their relief, there the sharks were friendly to the castaways.

Even though the Coronado came to scold One Eye for his treatment of Coronado’s favorite son, it was too late for Jack and his crew.  They were favored by the Makos and sent on a new destiny.  After floating for a while, Jack and his crew found a small island where they lived for several months. They made a raft and found mainland. They picked up another member and stole a ship, and the rest is history.”

Posted on March 22, 2017 .