Bardic Chestnuts: Simon Keldor

Simon Keldor came to the Talbot some time ago as a student and quickly proved to have great potential.  Rising in ranks faster than any of his class was not Keldor’s sole goal, he wanted to learn more and discover new things, beyond the mundane.   Simon’s meteoric rise caught the eye of his superiors. Proving himself quite capable on many missions with Tau Delta Sigma, Keldor was promoted to lead the pyramid’s research and development wing.  Given an expansive laboratory manse high in the Mesker Mountains atop Cobra’s Peak, Keldor has continued to develop new and exciting rituals as well as practical methods for improving and combining existing methods to brilliant new applications.

Cobra’s Peak is a daunting place to attempt to visit, and Simon’s defenses added to the natural landscape make it as close to impregnable as can be.  Simon is very reclusive, although far from a hermit, he speaks only to those whom he wishes and casts away others with a piercing glare.  As intimidating as he is, Simon is very respected by others in the House.   

Rumors abound, however, as to the exact nature of Keldor’s activities.  Some tell tales that Keldor is actually a demon worshiper and his applications are infernal evils.  Dark rumors tell of inhuman experiments to create a master race in his peak.  Some inquisitive apprentices suggest that Keldor is actually a representative of the fourth watchtower, the Sorcerers, and Cobra’s Peak houses a secret Shade Realm portal that allows Simon to access powerful magick.  The strangest rumor is that Simon is actually some sort of construct created from the essences of the most evil and powerful men of history. 

Posted on March 1, 2017 .