On the Table: Phones, TV and music - distraction or diversion?

Greetings, this week we take our weekly look at gaming from On the Field to On the Table.  As a multi-platform gaming system, Melee games take place in venues that vary widely from the standard field or basement.  

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Mondays a group of Eternal Adventurers meet at the Inner Circle Vodka Bar for evening gaming.  The bar has the usual host of music, TVs with the game on and sometimes Karaoke.  These sounds could be a distraction to some, to others they are a diversion when another is taking their time with the Game Master.  

Certainly if players find that they are paying too much attention to their phones or to the game on TV, it could be a problem for the storyline.  How do you deal with this?  Sometimes this is a good thing, especially when players have a great deal of business to deal with one-on-one with the Game Master.  However, if it becomes problematic, be sure to bring it up to the players and see what they think.


Posted on February 4, 2017 .