Bardic Chestnuts: Dalcar Pyle

        A hulking brute, Dalcar Pyle is a solider who has been misunderstood by nearly everyone he meets.  An imposing figure, he uses his size and brute strength to get by in a world where everyone is out to get him.  To his allies, those whom he trusts, Dalcar is a strong and reliable friend.  To his enemies, he is a terrifying monster of a man.

Dalcar Pyle 2.png

        Mocked for most of his youth, Dalcar became a privateer so that he could escape his dead-end life and seek adventure on the high seas.  He joined the Parris, a corvette under the command of Captain Hartman.   As a crewman Dalcar was harassed by the captain when he made any mistakes.  Verbally and often physically assaulted by the Captain, Dalcar soon was taken under the wing of the experienced Quartermaster Davis who helped Dalcar learn the ropes.  Dedicated to becoming the best crewman he could be, Dalcar trained hard. 

        Soon, Dalcar was becoming quite adept with his duties.  He even started to impress the Captain, although that did not stop Captain Hartman from breading every single mistake Dalcar made.  One day, however during a particularly brutal storm, the Captain found Dalcar in the ship’s galley.  There was a strange look about him, as if he had descended into the throws of madness.  Reciting the crewman’s oath, Dalcar slowly stared down his captain.  The captain yelled at Dalcar to return to his quarters, but Dalcar would have no more abuse.  He pulled out his musket and killed the captain.  It was then that Dalcar might have been arrested or worse, but fate intervened.  The crash of a wave smashed the side of the Parris - tearing a hole in the hull and pulling Dalcar out to sea.   

            Dalcar awoke in a field near the Highland Farms of Nicholshire.  It was not long before the discovered Triad and joined their ranks.  His new captain, Bartholemew Ward, reminded him of his friend Davis.  Their friendship tempered the views of Dalcar.  He had been given a second chance.  This time he would be no privateer, this time he would take no abuse.  Pirate Pyle would be a name that would strike fear in his enemies. 

Posted on February 1, 2017 .