Proving Grounds: Crafted for you?

The release of The Adventurer's Guide for The Eternal Adventure added the new rules for crafting weapons, armor and anything else the players might need.   This has opened up a whole new world for players who have been in need of things to buy with their experience.  Crafty personas are hard at work, but what about those characters who have no crafting skills?  Never fear, they are not left without an avenue to enjoy this new feature.  

Glasbläser auf dem Mittelaltermarkt zu Oettingen.

Glasbläser auf dem Mittelaltermarkt zu Oettingen.

Crafting in The Adventurer's Guide takes multiple skills, time, tools and talent to put together a new item.  These items are not like standard stock crafts, no they are designed with statistics and often enhancements that go far beyond the standard fare.  As such they are quite costly in experience points.   All that training and knowledge helps the craftsman make good, reliable crafts.  

A character that is not a craftsman, but wants to make such an item, should be up for a challenge. This challenge compares in some way to their crafting friends, but does not require the training they do not have.   Simply put, the character must find somebody capable of crafting such things for her.

From a gameplay perspective, the player writes up the craft as outlined on page 80 of The Adventurer's Guide.  Then, the Arbitrator takes the design and adjusts it as seen fit.  Then the player is given the task of finding a capable craftsman in game.  This could take some time, and may require doing certain tasks for the craftsman depending on how exotic or complex the craft is.  Needless to say this could be the focus of an entire gaming session or even part of a larger plot line.  

Once the player has accomplished the tasks and the craft is finished, the player spends the appropriate experience cost of the craft= 15% extra to get the item crafted.  This extra 15% is a essentially a boon to personas who are actually craftsmen by trade.  It should not be seen as a penalty for not playing a crafting persona but rather a work around payment to get what others players must spend considerable experience to be able to do.

The experience expenditure counts as the monetary payment in game so the player should not pay the Letcher value on top of the experience.   The item then becomes part of the arsenal for that player.  Another happy customer.


Posted on January 3, 2017 .