Bardic Chestnuts: Tanaka Yuki

The Saga of Tanaka

It is said he was a part of the Shiba clan, his lord was the Shiba Yoshimune.  To a great battle he did go, and lo he did fall.  After he was killed by Oda Nobautomo, he roamed the land looked for more death.   That way he could join his lord in the after life.  Tanaka fought many foes and sought many challenges, but sadly he was incredibly lucky and never died.  

No matter how much he wanted to, he woke up every day hoping I might find peace and eventually join his lord in death. This is his way, traveling and protecting people as it is in his code of honor.

Then one day Tanaka, who until this time was a nobody in a world of heroes, did fight a great beast.  Seeking fame, the allies OX, Beauregard, Louis and Elwood joined Tanaka's quest fight the dragon.  

The Dragon was four times the height of even the great OX!  Whilst his allies hid away in cowardice from the beast, Tanaka ran forward to take on the great wyrm.  He ran up the neck of the great beast and called for his team to assist, but they being frightened did not help.  So it was that Tanaka became the hero of the Hinterlands by defeating the great dragon.  

Shortly after he killed the Dragon, Tanaka was able to save Lord Euric Hathus's children from a mad doctor's instillation.  The children were being abducted and Tanaka would not stand for this.  So he left the cowering compatriots in the shadows whilst he once again fought certain death.  

Upon returning to Maarek's Landing, Tanaka realized that he had a duty to protect the land where others failed to.  Praising the new hero, Maarek's Landing knew it had a savior in Tanaka.



Posted on January 18, 2017 .