Proving Grounds: Pankration


Requires Aptitude:

  • Martial Art: Pankration per level to purchase Pankration techniques and must match the level in the aptitude to the level of the technique. 

5 points per level as normal for aptitude training in addition to in game training costs.

Martial Positions:

Assuming a martial position allows the fighter to gain a basic bonus with all Pankration techniques as being required in the technique description.  So long as the fighter remains in stance, the position bonus will apply to any Pankration technique being used and to freestyle fighting as well when applicable. 

Opponents who are also skilled in Pankration will negate this bonus up to their level in the Aptitude.  This means that if you have Pankration 3 and your opponent has Pankration 2, you effectively have Pankration 1 vs. that opponent. 

Forward Stance:      Both hands forward.  Used for defensive situations.  Open palmed.  +2 AD per level.
Medium Stance:       Rear striking hand is held up toward the chin in a fist, off hand is forward and open palmed.  This is used for standard attacks and preparing for clinch positioning. +1 AO, +1 AD per level.
Back Stance:            Rear striking hand is high in a fist and back behind the head whilst the off hand is forward and open palmed.  Used for high power attacks. +2 AO per level.
Clinch Position:     Grappled with the opponent into a limb lock.  Prepares for next round techniques.  +1d6 STR per level to keep opponent in clinch hold.



– standard price per level.


Pankration Defense Hook

·      A pause waiting for the opponent to strike followed by a hooking motion deflecting the attack downward and away.  Requires Forward Stance

1.     +1 AD, Strike Last

2.     +2 AD, Strike Last

3.     +3 AD, Strike Last

4.     +4 AD, Strike Last

5.     +5 AD, Strike Last

6.     +6 AD, Strike Last


Pankration Grapple Clinch

·      A quick grab of the opponent’s waist and rotating behind into Clinch Position around the torso.  Requires Medium Stance

1.     +1 AO

2.     +2 AO

3.     +2 AO, +1 SPD

4.     +2 AO, +3 SPD

5.     +3 AO, +3 SPD

6.     +4 AO, +5 SPD


Pankration Waist Throw

·      From a grapple clinch, you thrust and lift the opponent, throwing them sideways onto their stomach and face.  Requires Clinch Position.

1.     -1 DO, -1 DD

2.     -1 DO, -2 DD

3.     -2 DO, -3 DD

4.     -2 DO, -4 DD

5.     -3 DO, -5 DD

6.     -3 DO, -6 D

Posted on January 10, 2017 .