Trouble in Westershire, Breitenburg and the Kaylinn Swamps


A new army under the leadership of a Lady Mendoza has begun marching from north of Sulphurdale due west toward Azara.  They have been razing villages along the way and setting forest fires in their wake.  


Recent disappearances of local vagrants and other peasants have caused the local Arbiter to enact a curfew at night.  The bodies of two lovers found hung by piano wires has thrown suspicion onto famed puppeteer Allesandro de Coronet, but when the town guards searched for him they found him dead - strung up like one of his marionettes and drained of his blood.


Lord Joshua Antipater has publicly lost his temper and was forced into the stocks over the weekend after losing a debate with the Madame of the Bordello Fluer du Mal.  The embarrassing situation was made all the worse when Antipater's lover rushed to his side and offered to wash his feet - the very service that Fleur du Mal is well known for.   Lord Antipater has not commented further. 


Posted on March 28, 2016 .