March Releases

Coming this March- new releases for Melee: The Eternal Adventure.  Three new supplements for your games will expand the world as we know it.  



March 12th

TEA: Adventurer's Guide

  • Basic and advanced rules for character creation and living in the world of Alluvium.  Crafting items, economy, new items and over 100 new techniques become available in this volume.  New Aptitudes, Benefits, Drawbacks and Techniques as well as listings for the costs of gear, houses, travel and the other needs of life are detailed along with hundreds of new weapons and armor types to fill the merchant stalls in your favorite shop.  

March 19th

TEA: Atlas and Bestiary

  • From the frozen north of Tor to the arid Nam-Hai desert, explore this atlas of famous landmarks and cities in and around the Kingdom of Praelia.  Additionally, take note of some of the more exotic and even the most mundane of the creatures that walk the land, swim the seas and fly in the air over Alluvium.  The first half of this volume features maps of the five principalities, trade routes and some background on the people and places. The second half is a zoological description of the nonhuman inhabitants of Alluvium, complete with write-ups for play.  

March 26th

Guild Book: House of Talbot

  • From their decadent manses and universities, the guildsmen of the House of Talbot are hedonistic socialites who choose to spend their time enjoying the vast variety that eternal life has to offer.  From the most rarified tastes to those that border on depraved, life in Alluvium is an eternal celebration for this guild.  But rumors persist that they are hiding something and that there is often more mystic than mirth about this secretive society. 
Posted on February 29, 2016 .