Charge de l'Aristocrate

            Nemeans are often seen in the courts of nobles, making deals and brokering combative arrangements to influence the outcome of battles.  Many outside the faction see this as intrusive and arrogant.  The Nemeans themselves often view their position with a different perspective.  They see that the Nemeans have an obligation to preside over and encourage the development of other factions and even counties, until such a time as they can take their place as responsible affiliates of the kingdom with stability not only economically and socially but militarily as well. More than one duke and more battles than we can catalog have been swayed by the direction that the Nemeans stimulated.

         The Noble Obligation of the barony means that the personal goals and desires must often come second to the greater need of those whom the barony sees fit to support and direct.   It has been described as a moral imperative to help the lesser affiliations to better themselves and the kingdom whether they realize the help is given or not. The goals of the Barony, the goals of the Nemean units and the goals of the local counties are not always in unison.  Still, it is the Charge de L’Aristocrate, the Burden of the Nobility that the Nemeans factor when thinking about the direction that the Barony must move in order to protect the interests of the Kingdom and the Barony alike.        

Posted on March 3, 2015 .