A letter intercepted by the Ordo Arbiter

Mr. Lowleaves, 

        Or is it Baron now, it has been so long.  I trust you and your good cousin are living well.  I am sending you this as a courtesy and out of a feeling of nostalgia for the days we spent in the same ranks.  I do so fondly remember those times, crushing our enemies together.  Why, I still recall how you earned your honor rank, taking a wound to your own arm to save me from a potentially fatal spear shot.  Those were simpler times.  

        But times have changed.  WE are no longer one big happy fleet.  The winds have aligned our sails to different waters.  I have been gone a long time and in this time I have learned much.  I have seen the good name of Triad dragged through the muck and slime.  This can no longer be acceptable.  I will not allow this to continue.  The Armada is coming to the Kingdom with a purpose, for we will set things right.  

        When we return, and it will be soon mind you, I hope that you and I will not find ourselves on opposing ends of the saber.  There have been clashes between our fleets and your Sea Lions, but I know that those incidents were isolated and most likely the actions of our underlings rather than direct orders from on high.  Still I would be remiss if I did not warn you directly of our impending resurgence into the area.  I do not want to have bad blood, but know this - I will not give any quarter to those who stand against me.  

        I look forward to a game of strategy when next we meet, it has been too long.  I hope married life has not made you too soft.    

~Captain Alonso Coronado

Posted on February 4, 2015 .