Historic Accord!

Hear ye, Hear Ye!

As the current land holder of the border territory of Maarek's Landing in the Kingdom of Praelia, I hereby transfer my claims to that territory to Lord Woden Hrafnass with his assurances of it's continued namesake. My spear and those of all of my allies swear to defend that claim against all that might challenge him.

So declared this day, 24 August 31 ACI 

Lord Protector Maarek Elets

Castellan of Nicholshire


This statement followed by the declaration of Woden Hrafnass,

 All are welcome in my lands, and it shall be known as Valhalla in Midgard!  And likewise, I offer aid to the endeavors of all Praelia! 

Woden Hrafnass

Posted on August 24, 2014 .