Who said this?

“We are inconsolable at being deceived by our enemies and betrayed by our friends.  I came to you for aid and you call upon me to prove nobility?  What is noble about letting men die for political games?  Is this what you would have me become? A coward! I renounce my claim to join this or any council who will have such policies.  My men and I will no longer stand to protect this land from the invaders, for they are here and you will not raise your own sword to defend.  You talk of obligation and duty. Your duty is to the people!  How dare you demand more of those whom pay your taxes than you would do yourselves?  Are you, nay, you are no better than the bones that once filled this chamber.  I denounce this council.  May you fall under the boots of the Minuet or whatever comes after them, for I am through with you all." 

Posted on August 19, 2014 .