Toy Drive

News on the toy drive. 

To be held at Maarek's Landing on December 14th, 31 ACI.

Every new unwrapped toy donated this Sunday will grant you one adventuring point at the upcoming Spring Scenario. 
Those if you who play Melee: The Eternal Adventure may choose to have five quest experience per toy toward the upgrade and fortification of your choice of Faction / Guild at Maarek's Landing.

Additionally, the player who donates the most toys will receive his or her choice of prize, either a Melee: CCC Scenario weapon or a Melee: TEA supplement.

All toy donations also earn you one Letcher per.

Finally, should any participant exceed 31 toys (31 ACI...get it.) they will be awarded a copy of the next supplement "Melee: The Book of Scenarios" second edition.

See you Sunday!

Posted on December 13, 2014 .