New Books Launch!

As part of this weekend's Meleeworld at Wizard World Con, Tulsa events we are releasing three new books which will be available for purchase at Wizard World this weekend and next week online.

Melee: Culture Crafts Combat - Staff and Player's Guide

This is an expansion of the Melee: Culture Crafts Combat - Primary Rulebook and focuses on the details of running and serving on the staff of a Melee: Culture Crafts Combat group as well as containing further advice and tips on getting the most out of live action Melee.

Melee:  Faction Book - Triad

Detailing the history and members of the legendary faction of Triad, this book provides all the nuance and details that an aspiring pirate, sailor, marine, or those Arbitrating for them might need while braving the often dangerous seas and shores of Praelia. Meet Admiral Coronado and his fleet in this source book.  

Melee: Guild Book - Ordo Arbiter

When death is not permanent what fear have criminals of the law? What prison could possibly hold criminals when escape is just a quick death away? Who are the evil people who fight against justice and order and who are those that are sworn to stop them?  This source book provides all an Arbitrator needs in order to deeply explore the twists and turns of law and order in the Kingdom of Praelia.

Posted on November 7, 2014 .