Lore Du Jour: The Chapel of the Saints

There exists a village to the West, close to a forest, a group of people who have known peace for two generations. Their town flourishes and the people there want for nothing. They credit this to the the granite chapel in the center of town. Entering the chapel it becomes evident that there are several stained glass windows all of which feature a saint. Saint William, patron saint of adopted children. Saint Eric, patron saint of Sweden. Saint Raymond, patron saint of expectant mothers. Saint Jerome, patron saint of librarians, and Saint Adam, patron saint of gardeners. There are to friars that over see the chapel, Friar Derek and Friar David. 

Stories tell of powerful artifacts here as well.  On the chapel grounds there is a well that provides healing water to the sick. Should a sinister or cursed soul drink from the well the creature will die within 24 hours, upon their Return they will find themselves in their homeland and free of any sinister urges or cursed states. This well also keeps all magical items and Shade Realm abilities from working within the town.   It is truly a blessed place.

Posted on March 3, 2017 .